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Outsmart the Money Magicians

About the Book

Maximize Your Net Worth by Seeing Through the Most Powerful Illusions Performed by Wall Street and the IRS. Renowned investor and financial insider, Christopher Manske explains how the IRS and Wall Street systemically approach their customers with guile and misdirection in his second book, Outsmart the Money Magicians.

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The insider’s guide to how investors get tricked

Each chapter contains an insider’s advice on recognizing how investors have been conditioned by the country’s largest financial institutions and then guides readers to maximize their investment strategies and wealth building efforts. Step by step, Manske uses engaging, prescriptive narrative to help readers understand the importance of certain measurements and reports that neither Wall Street nor the IRS typically offer. 

He answers this age-old question in a very new way: “How do you save instead of consume so you can successfully build your net worth?” With thematic focus on the power of real income and the dangers of doing too many transactions, Chris offers an original perspective on how to walk the path that truly leads to financial independence and monetary stability. 

Outsmart the Money Magicians empowers readers and ensures they will never look at their money the same way again.