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I work every day to demystify finance and help Wall Street evolve for the better.

Appearances & Books

A frequent guest on national podcasts and TV shows, Chris can also be seen on Yahoo! Finance, ThinkAdvisor,, CEO World, and numerous others.  Manske’s first book, The Prepared Investor challenged Wall Street’s typical approach to crisis investing and has been compared to Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers because both books question a widely accepted concept and ultimately change how readers see the world around them.  His latest book from McGraw-Hill, Outsmart the Money Magicians, will leave readers shocked at how often the IRS and Wall Street use purposeful misdirection. 


Manske leads one of the largest investment firms in Houston, Texas managing half a billion dollars for individuals and institutions all over the world. During his twenty-year investing career, he spent over a decade with Merrill Lynch where he was selected to help train thousands of financial advisors across the country. Manske graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and, after serving in the Army, he did his post-graduate work at Rice University.  He’s married to an Aggie named Jessica and together they raise four daughters.