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Manske shows there’s a lot more than meets the eye to the simplest parts of finance, like the investment statement and how to save. His book demonstrates that if we change our perspective, we change our results.

J. Bradley Green

CEO, Park Lawn Corporation, the largest publicly traded, Canadian-owned funeral services provider

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Are you wondering why it looks like you’ve not been saving even though you’re following a savings plan? Do you find being in a higher tax bracket discouraging? Does finding the right financial advisor seem challenging? If your answer to any of these questions is yes or you have other questions about building wealth, Outsmart the Money Magicians has the answers you need. Christopher Manske’s book explains the misunderstanding behind the “set it and forget it” saving method and breaks down how the IRS and Wall Street trick investors into losing money. Additionally, the author shares specific ways Wall Street needs to straighten up its offering ​to the populace. With every illusion explained, the book draws the reader closer to their money goals and keeps them from falling victim to financial exploitation.

Outsmart the Money Magicians combines essential calculations, illustrative examples, and clear explanations to enlighten the reader effectively. I loved that the author elaborately describes how deceptive literal magic tricks are and then reveals similar tricks in the financial world. I was both learning and having fun picturing fascinating magic details. Wise words abound in the book, and I hope never to forget them. One of my favorite quotes advises not to “look at the cost of buying something. Instead, look at the cost of ​buying and maintaining it.” This book is recommended to novice and expert investors, who will find it useful and practical for improving their financial strategies. Tell the money magicians in the IRS and Wall Street that the jig is up. A fairer, more prosperous era is here for investors in the US, and Christopher Manske’s book is its long-awaited conveyer!

5-Star Reader

5-Star Reader’s Favorite award

These are complex subjects and Manske makes them simple and easy to understand. Recommended for all levels of experience.

Mary Perkins

CFO, Petrocom Energy Group

Manske demonstrates that, once we know how an illusion is created, we can’t be tricked anymore. With this book, he gives readers more control over their financial destiny. I whole-heartedly recommend it!”

Angela (Evans) Gildea

U.S. National Sector Leader for Energy, KPMG

Manske has proven he’s a topnotch writer and storyteller. I highly recommend his book to anyone who wants the inside scoop on how to tilt finance so it’s not all to Wall Street’s advantage.

Frank Toman

Owner, Allstate Insurance Agency, retired

Manske’s writing is influential because it empowers the reader and gives people the insight to see the same old thing a new way. With this new outlook, people can’t help but understand their finances better.

Anthony Colombo

President, MC2 Civil providing construction and oilfield services for various municipalities and the Texas Department of Transportation

Christopher Manske is a powerful voice in finance and his latest book shows his relentless focus on taking care of the investing client.

Tim Phillips

President & CEO, Revenade, offering global organizational consulting

This book tells us what the establishment won’t and Manske is the perfect financial expert to lay it all out clearly. Read it!

Robert Lopez

Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA & Director of Engineering at Cameron International, retired

Are we saving enough money? Are we paying too much in taxes? Manske shows us why these questions keep arising and how to truly answer them once and for all. What a great book!

Patrick Schweitzer

Distinguished Engineering Associate, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

This is a must-read for anyone who feels they can save more but aren’t. As an advisor myself managing about $150 million, I know that both investment experts and people new to the field will appreciate Manske’s message.

Elijah Lopez

Senior Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner

This is a financial expert exposing the tricks of the trade and Manske’s book is an excellent resource for anyone trying to get ahead financially.

Jerold Coker

Owner, Geico Insurance Agency